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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Blog Post #15: Final Reflection Project

This is my final reflection project video for EDM-310. I have learned so much from EDM 310. I appreciate all the helps from the staff members from EDM-310. I will take this valuable lesson and use it to continue my learning about technology and I will definitely use what I have learned from EDM-310 to better my future classroom and benefit my students in my teaching career.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Blog Post #14

metaphor assignment

1. Why did you miss the metaphor in Tom Johnson's post, or, if you "hit the nail on the head", why do you think you understood the metaphor and why do you think that others in the class missed the metaphor?
-I feel I missed this metaphor because I was thinking about what the words are instead of thinking further to what it is.
2. What metaphors have you encountered since I asked you to create a log of them? There are several metaphors which I use with my nephew and niece is “You light up my life with your presence.” Another one I normally use when I told my clients about certain news is “She could not digest the news when she heard it.” This refers to the fact that they could not imagine or believe that it actually happening. The last one I am going to mention is “Life is a rollercoaster which everyone has to go through.” This is the metaphor I use with my friends all the time due to their relationships.
3. What other things can we do as educators to help our students to understand and to use metaphors?
I remember that during my school years or daily life people use metaphors all the time, but it’s the fact that I don’t recognized it until I think about it. So, I would say let the students practice it over and over and use it during class. For example, talk to the students and sometimes merge the metaphors into the conversations or questions so the students would get used to it and recognize it quicker.
4. Why do we use metaphors?
I fee metaphors are great language. It enhances the beauty of the language and gives more meaning to the sayings rather than just some simple words. Especially, when the students are taking literature class and they also have to learn metaphors to create a better smooth poem or writing activities. Metaphors produce more meaning and enhance the language in many great ways.

C4T- #4

comment for teacer#4

This month I have been reading Tom Johnson’s adventures in PENCIL INTERGRATION. This is a blog written by John T. Spencer. In his blog post called acceptable committee, which he created some rules and have some restrictions for this students to prevent them from using unnecessary things while in school. He said that this is the reason why the students get distracted and could not focus in class due to the usage of Facebook, MySpace, or cell phones. I left a comment on his blog post:
Hello Mr. Spencer,
My name is Hoan Nguyen and I am a student in Dr. Strange's EDM 310 class. I just read your post regarding to the rules you have in your classroom, I think it's a great idea to set out some rules and restrictions. There are so many things out there that students need to stay away from such as internet and cell phones. Students are more likely to get distracted if they use Facebook or MySpace during school hours which will interfere with their learning time. However, it seems like your class is going very smooth and neat!

Mr. Spencer have a lot of wonderful tips and ideas which he think would be best for his students and avoid any distractions which students may occur while in classes or school. If you would like to view his blog, here is the link to his website. in PENCIL INTERGRATION.

Final Project 16

As my final project, Rebecca Warnberg and I decided that we would create a blog to educate other teachers and future teachers on becoming technologically literate. We have learned so much from taking EDM 310 that we wanted to share what we learned with others. Not everyone can benefit from taking a course to guide them through the wide world of technology. We are using this blog to show teachers the need for technology and the benefits that it can have. We have also included several instructional videos for how to get started using technology. We hope that through this blog, many teachers will learn to improve their classrooms through the use of technology. This way, many students will have a brighter educational future. Our blog is called Technology Tools For Teachers.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Final PLN

This is my final personal learning network report. I really enjoy using Symbaloo because it is easy to access and very organize. It is a great tool to use to help organize all of the favorite websites, especially if people have a lot of websites and want to put in one place. Enjoy the video!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Final C4K7-10

final comments for kids

Post #7
I commented on Ms. Janine Tito in room 22. She is teaching 7/8 years old students at Pt. England School, Auckland, N.Z. In her class blog, she stated that her students are multi-talented, hard working crew of the kids who love sport, music, art and even school work.

My comment for kid is Lesley and she is a Tongan. She lives with her mom, her sister, and uncle and his wife. She also mentioned that she have three half sisters in Australia. In her blog, she have posted two charts that shows who is the favorite teachers in the school and what is the most favorite sports in the school. Also, I have learned that Lesley is very proud of her family. Click on the URL if you would like to see Lesley's blog.

Post #8
The third blog that I read is called Mr. McClung's World. I made a blog post earlier which thoroughly analyzes this site. I commented on one post called Lessons Learned: One, Pay Your Lunch Bill. In this post, Mr. McClung was informing us that he had a note in his box stating that he should pay his lunch’s bill 3 days continuously. I left a comment for Mr. McClung telling him that I thank him for letting us know about this because he has provided the future teachers to be aware of certain things in school, he informed us that we should be caution and handle our business.

Post #9
Mrs. Yollis is a third grade teacher from California who is dedicated to giving the best education to her students through incorporating technology in her classroom. I really enjoy reading Mr. Yollis’s Classroom Blog because I have learn a lot from her blog and she does have a lot of interesting information for the future teachers. In her blog, she share with other people how her teaching is and how she think that technology is a great beneficial technique to teach students to learn. One thing I really admire her is that before commenting on her blog is that to check your grammar and spelling. She is very strict about that and expect very highly of her students. Also, everyone of her students have their own blog and Mrs. Yollis always encourage the students’ parents to participate in the blog and interact with the students.

Post #10
I commented on one of the students' blogs called "Hannah's Hacienda". Hannah made a post called "Leila Donates Her Hair to Locks of Love". After viewing and reading her blog, I have really admired her. She is so young and has so much caring and thoughtful person. In this post I commented on her blog saying that I really enjoy and think that she is amazing for donating her hair for Locks of Love Foundation. Hannah did a wonderful thing for others and I’m glad she donates her hair for those who needed.

Blog Post 13

blog post 13

Alabama Learning Exchange (ALEX) is created by the ALEX Team to provide only the top resources to meet the needs of teachers, administrators, parents, and students. On the website, they provide Courses of study, Web Links, Lesson Plans, Search, Personal Workspace, Professional Learning, Podcast Treasury, and ALEXville. Alex provides the teachers and viewers to use it as a guide to help them with future reference and ALEX makes it easy for everyone to use. I enjoy it myself because there are some information that I was not aware of until I read ALEX. Also, for those who did not know about this program. Below are some information if you are interested.

Courses of Study is a link that you can access by grade levels of each subject from K-12th grade.
Web Links are web resources for teachers, administrators, and students.
Lesson Plans allow you to create your very own personal lesson or view examples from authors and schools that have already made one.
Search narrows your description in the ALEX database.
Personal Workspace is where you create and edit your account.
Professional Learning offer training opportunities, view presentations, and grants. They also show a variety of tips and tutorials for applications.
Podcast Treasury allows you to view podcast from an assortment of subjects.
ALEXville keeps you updated with news and a place to converse with associates and colleagues.

Blog 13

Alabama Connecting Classroom, Educators and Students Statewide (ACCESS). This website is also supported by the Alabama State Department of Education. This is about ACCESS goal which is to provide fairness with more educational courses for all Alabama public high school students. This is a wonderful website for the teachers and students to be aware that they actually have options and have more knowledge about these objectives describe below. Here are the high quality instructions for students to improve with their education. ACCESS has 12 objectives.

Objective 1: Meets objectives of the first year by expanding the availability of ACCESS Distance Learning to all public high schools in the state.
Objective 2: Gives high school student the opportunity to take at least one distance learning course.
Objective 3: Influence the experience of the 24 sites by establishing new data in Alabama high school.
Objective 4: Provide administrative oversight, management, and support through the State Department of Education and support centers.
Objective 5: Provide students with additional courses and electives needed to meet educational goals.
Objective 6: Develop pedagogy involved in ACCESS Distance Learning.
Objective 7: Develop a blended model that focuses on the needs to ensure the success of every student.
Objective 8: Assess initial technology skills of students to provide the appropriate level of support to the student.
Objective 9: Develop a comprehensive learning object for the development of model courses and modules.
Objective 10: Develop a comprehensive plan for communications of growth for Web-based, IVC, and delivery of distance learning courses.
Objective 11: Develop an oversight and management structure to ensure that activities and budgets are associated with the ACCESS Distance Learning Plan.
Objective 12: Strengthen high schools through ACCESS Distance Learning.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Blog Post #12

I found this video on YouTube and I thought it is very interesting to watch. If you would like to watch please click on the link above.

This week I found this video which reflecting many things I have done in my EDM-310 class. This video has provided the information about the benefits of technology and how technology will be part of everyone’s lives. We need to understand that technology has become so advance and has a traumatic change in the recent years. Before it just a normal thing but now everyone needs to expand their technology knowledge. Children are learning about technology in schools at very young age. From my field experience in my Human Growth and Development course, when I go out to the school for my observation I do noticed that my Kindergarten are using computers and smart boards in their classrooms. I think this is a great way to start helping our children to learn at young age and be more advance in the future as they moving forward throughout their school time. It is amazing how these kids can remember how to use certain programs that they are supposed to complete and what really surprising me is that for kindergarten which are only 5 or 6 years old and they are using technology already.
This is one of the reasons why I thought this video is a great example regarding to the fact that it shows us that everywhere we go we are consuming technology; such as cell phones, computers, cars, laptops, and etc. Our daily lives are all about technology. One thing that this video points out which I really like is that it has shown that social networks and certain websites that many people use every day to get information and I thought that it’s so true because some people may not realized that their kids are consuming technology while being online or on school. This video state that everyone needs to learn how technology, and be open to the new world because if you don’t know anything about technology, eventually you will be behind. Therefore, learning more about technology is never wrong but actually building a foundation in every future students.

Special Assignment-Metaphors

special assignment

Recently I have read Tom Johnson’s post “Don’t Let Them Take Pencils Home”. Apparently, I missed the whole metaphor; I thought that this is about how one teacher is talking about the bad effect of pencils in the school system. When I read the blog post I immediately think that why are the pencils involve with the students learning ability? And the pencil has made me jump into the conclusion too soon which is the reason why I missed the metaphor.
Now I know that this is all about technology learning experience. Metaphors expand our thinking and as well as the students. Metaphors helps enhance the students learning ability more effectively. Also, teachers can help their students to understand by show them some examples of the metaphors. Such as movies, show on TV, literatures, and etc. Which are the daily metaphors we used. Metaphors is visual and expressive language.
I remember during my elementary school or perhaps in middle schools, I can relate to things and remember it more clearly, thanks to metaphors. Such as homophones which children are learning in school. Metaphors help expand our knowledge and enhance our understanding. I think that teachers will benefits from the use of metaphors to connect with their students more closely.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Progress Report for Final Project

Final Project

Ever since I take EDM 310, I have learned so many things about technology. Before I enter the education field, I have never thought of using so many technologies and all I thought was the traditional teaching style like how all teachers teach their students using textbooks and workbook materials. Now, that I have some experience from EDM 310 class, I realize that technology has made it so much easier and make it so much fun. Also, technologies provide students with creative programs; such as blogging and podcast. I have decided to create a podcast for my final project with Rebecca Warnberg. We will discuss the benefits of technology for educators. There will be programs that we will discuss about for teachers to use and we will also be talking about the benefits of it. I can’t wait to work on this project with Rebecca!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Blog Post #11

This is my post 11 assignment

In this video Ms. Cassidy who is a teacher from Saskatchewan, Canada who has learned to incorporate technology into her classroom in a very effective way. I am amazed at the fact that her class was able to use the computers at such a young age. I used to think that incorporating computers and other similar stuff was useless since the users were so young. I didn't think that a young age group was able to use it. I also thought that by allowing young children to use the internet on the computers could expose them to many dangers online but Ms. Cassidy has proven my earlier thoughts to be wrong.
The tools that Ms. Cassidy uses includes but not limited to: a class website, blogs, computer games, video recording, Skype and even Nintendo DS game systems. All of this may seem overwhelming, but Ms. Cassidy was able to put these things to efficient use. To ensure safety, Ms. Cassidy allows her students to navigate the internet through following links on her class website only. She also allowed them to create their own blog that only their friends and family members can comment on. The students do participate in Wikipedia so that they are able to get responses from around the world. The students also use Skype to interact and talk about writing and science. The students are allowed to play Nintendo DS games that will help with their problem solving and math skills. This shed light on how I can help my students in the future. I see more benefits of allowing the children to create blogs and navigate the internet. In a traditional classroom student only uses pencil and papers so some students are not as excited to complete their assignments. This is not the case is Ms. Cassidy's classroom; the students are excited to be able to do their work online and post their things so that others can see their progress. The students are motivated because they know that other people are paying attention to their work and thus the students are encouraged by this fact. In a traditional class, parents would not be able to see their children’s progress unless they came to the school and viewed their child's personal class work file but by using blogs, it makes things a lot easier for parents and for students by helping parents keep track of their child’s progress.
The only fear I still have for young children to use the internet is that the students will play around and may not complete their work and might possibly run into some unforeseen danger. Although these are great techniques that Ms. Cassidy uses I think that it sometimes may take up to much of the teacher’s time to update and monitor the blogs. Due to this time management problem, some teacher might not be willing to use technology inside their classroom so some would rather stick to assigning problems in workbooks and giving out coloring sheets to students. I think that the students in Ms. Cassidy's classroom will be much better prepared for the future than the students in classrooms without technology. If incorporating more technology into the classroom is beneficial for the student’s education and motivates them to learn then it is best to incorporate technology into classrooms everywhere. Some parents would prefer their children to enroll in Ms. Cassidy's class because of the technology she uses in her class. I have learned a lot from watching Ms. Cassidy's teaching styles and hopefully I will be successful in my teaching career so that many parents will want me to teach their children. If you would like to learn more about Ms. Cassidy, you can follow this link to her class website I am glad that I have a chance to see this video and if you would like to see it please follow these links. You can watch the Skype interview by following this link:

Special Assignment- Mr. McClung's World

special assignment

Mr. McClung uses his blog to introduce who he is to his students and also encourages his students to use the internet and blog site for success in the class. Joe is an example of a good teacher because he does things that are not required of teachers, he has a grasp on what good teaching is, which in turn causes his students to be motivated and successful. As an Educator, McClung is full of bright new ideas and motivated about continuing his education. He brings life to his teaching style and involves himself with his students outside of school by coaching track. This is a big responsibility.
Mr. McClung’s classroom rules are unique and are design to instruct students in a simple and realistic way for his classroom setting. He wants more than other teachers does, he actually want his students to involve themselves during class by participate in discussions using hand gestures, and positive attitude is what he welcomes. His goal is to help students achieve the best they can and to further their knowledge of whatever they need so that they will have the necessary tools to become successful. He is a great teacher and one way to describe him is a person who expects and demand but does it in a way so that you wont’ feel to pressure and provides the tools you need.
Being a day planner, this is one of the most important tools that is needed to stay on task. I would say that at the age group he teaches, he informs the students of just how important it is to keep track of homework and upcoming events, etc. This practice is a great reinforcement to help the students be wise about their time management.
Whenever he puts a time limit, a due date, on an assignment or project, he reinforces the practice of using your time wisely and completing the work on time. By doing this, he help his students in more than one way. He help them prepared more high school because when they continue their education, their workload will increase and the work might even be harder. So, by reinforcing the time management technique then it will help his students out later in their education career.
He says that he hopes his blog will encourage use of technology and that he loves to use technology for many of his hobbies and even has a music page. By incorporating classroom task on the blog requires all his students to at least view this once a week, and by messing around with the page, the students will more than likely be able to find things to entertain themselves outside of what is required by the class and thus familiarized themselves with the safe usage of the internet.
I was looking through all the links that I saw and I found more than one interesting links but the one I looked at was and I clicked on it. Once I got to the page, I saw that you can draw out story tales or activities or anything that make uses of cartoons and I thought that this would be a great opportunity to use it on children. Thus I book marked it for later usage. I felt by looking around these websites that was on McClungs blog links that he might have used these techniques and ideas on his own class. He shares these sites with the class so I think that these sites had a positive effect on him.
I was not able to find the internet safety link. I thought that this would have been a great link to help teach students about the dangers that are hidden online. Aside from the fact that if the internet is not used safely then many bad things could happen, there are many websites that are not appropriate for all age range.
I realized that many students not only learn from him in the classroom but also from him on the track field as well. By reading this post I also learned that his track team was very successful and that the team has a lot of good athletes. He apparently finds great pleasure in being a teacher so he continues to broaden his teaching onto the sport of track.
I like that McClung’s Blog has a counter, and more than one pages. I feel that the more I watch tutorial and fiddle around with the blog then my blog will grow more creative and bigger in page size. I love the fact that he is able to properly maintain his blog and use all the applications. It makes for a good place to visit, for his blog will not be your only stop!
The information that he personally put on his blog allows the readers to feel like they know everything about him and that they are very close. He opens the viewer’s eyes to things that occur in the classroom and around the world. He shares his findings of neat sites and useful ways of communicating information over the internet.
His students enjoy the blog he created because he updates what is going on in the class online. The major projects are published to the blog for everyone to see and post comments on them. I have seen similar blogs to this but none of them have been this elaborative or simple, McClung is on his blog constantly and he updates new item of display. His blog is great and I feel that everyone can benefit from it.
this is a special assignment

Teach someone project #14

This is a short video informing how to make a presentation from Google doc.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Blog Post # 10

This is my post 10 assignment

In this blog by Morgan Bayda regarding to “An Open Letter To Educators” created by Dan Brown. In this post Morgan provided us with a video of Dan Brown, he basically discussing about how education has not meet some of the requirements, which he mention about technology that has not enter the education world completely. This is one of the reasons why he drops out of college because he said that his school was interfering with his education. I left a comment on Morgan’s blog: Hi Morgan! My name is Hoan Nguyen. I’m a student from EDM310 from Dr. Strange’s class at University of South Alabama. I recently just read your blog and I do agree with the fact that there are some teachers who really do not care about students’ education. Some just simply are not voluntary and make commitment when it comes to teaching. Another thing I want to point out is that on Dan’s perspective, I somewhat cannot agree with him because it is true that the school systems do not provide the best education for the students but this is the reason why we and many other future teachers are here to improve the society and make a better difference!
Although, Dan made some good points about the education system is cheating the students and says that we don’t need to attend classes to achieve education. However, he forgot that in this society we in now, everything are based on degrees and higher education to find a decent job. It is impossible to quit school because if you think about it, what can we do when we quit? Stay at home and sleep all day? What influence will we have on our children, little brothers, or little sisters? I think everyone should reconsider about quitting school before they do anything.
If you would like to see the post please visit
In the post “Don’t Let Them Take Pencils Home”. This post refers to two educators having a conversation regarding to education. They both have different opinion about education, one teacher said that students’ should not bring pencils home because they think this is the reason why students’ did not complete their homework assignments. In this post, one teacher mainly focus on the testing scores and she repeatedly the same problem and give them some fun activities to do instead of motivating them with some learning skills related to their reading or perhaps math problems. If you would like to see this post please visit
This is a picture of a little baby

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

C4T post #3

This is a picture of my little sister, Katherine

I commented on Hadley J, his blog title is Middle School Matrix. I commented in his blog called “An Hour of Silence”. In this post, he came up with an idea of “Quiet Time” that his kids would be quiet in their rooms, no TV and no computer. Just themselves and lots of paper and crayons and books to read. He wants his kids to just be quiet to let their minds relax and think whatever thoughts that they had. I think it’s a wonderful experience because it has shown that many students were in urged to talk to him and telling him what they were thinking during silence time. Sometimes, we as adults need silence time and just relax our minds for a little. It actually a very great way to help relieve your stress and help you to think more effectively. Anyway, I really enjoy reading his blog post because I can use it in the future with my students and for myself as well. If you would like to see his blog, please follow this link at

Sunday, March 27, 2011

C4K 4-6

This is a picture of Lesley

I commented on Ms. Janine Tito in room 22. She is teaching 7/8 years old students at Pt. England School, Auckland, N.Z. In her class blog, she stated that her students are multi-talented, hard working crew of the kids who love sport, music, art and even school work.

My comment for kid is Lesley and she is a Tongan. She lives with her mom, her sister, and uncle and his wife. She also mentioned that she have three half sisters in Australia. In her blog, she have posted two charts that shows who is the favorite teachers in the school and what is the most favorite sports in the school. Also, I have learned that Lesley is very proud of her family. Click on the URL if you would like to see Lesley's blog.

Skype Project # 12

Monday, March 21, 2011

Blog Post #9

Mr. McClung's blog post:
Mr.McClung post

I really enjoy reading Mr. McClung’s post, he has been so informing and putting a lot of emphasis when it comes to teaching. He share his experience with the readers about his first year of teaching and how he could better himself to help his students by stop worrying about how he going to teach but how the students can learn. Mr. McClung had advice the readers to take actions. Talk and listen to the students and encourage them to learn and be successful. Another thing he point out is that we need to take advantage of technology and use it efficiently to better teachers' career. I really appreciate his advice because I was a little concern about teaching when I’m out to the field but after reading his post it has given me strength and courage to not be afraid and just put all your efforts out there for the students. I will definitely take his advice and will be a better educator.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Blog Post #8

In this movie Richard talks about writing activity. He informing us that how we write and where we write could affect our works. He said that working with our word processing has saved us so much time and energy, there’s no hassle going to classes and trying to keep up with the assignments when we can simply save all the document in the data and open it to check on it. Richard point out that it is easier to create personal projects in computer systems to enhance the audio and video which you can tag right on to your document to view without having to download.

In the second part of the video, Richard talks about digital technologies consists of representations programs such as ITUNE U. In the advanced technology world, students can create their thoughts and create ideas which can inform to other cultures and see how different it is compared to them. I like the fact that Richard is sharing his knowledge to everybody and informing us great ideas and his successes.

this is my blog post 8

Technology has given students a great affective ways of learning and it also helps educators to teach affectively too! I believe that in the future students will have to learn how to navigate web-base technology and builds the needs in student’s schools. Students with knowledge about the technology system are more likely to help them better in schools because they have more resources more research and information they need.
According to the two videos, I found it interesting and very informative. From what Richard said, in the future students will participate in technology more instead of relying on teachers for questions or answers.

Learn to change and Change to Learn:
Teachers must look into this and strengthen students learning skills and their abilities to prepare them for the future. They will learn and be preparing for future jobs. The importance of technology occurs in teachers’ lives as well as students. As educators, we need to broaden our students’ knowledge and collaborate their learning through technology and teachers’ knowledge. It’s best to combine this because it is useful to improve students think more creatively.
In the last two videos, it has shown that we are becoming more advance now and the world is changing faster and faster. Our world has become more digital and technology required. As a matter of fact, in the future our children will be more involved in technology rather than spending time playing outside. Children will eventually experienced in the technology and expand their knowledge and in the next generation more technology will be use in schools.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Project #11 Short Movie

This is a book I read for my short movie called "The Day It Rained Hearts". by: Felicia Bond
Click on this link to view the movie.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Blog Post 7

Randy Pausch post

Randy Pausch Acheiveing your Childhood Dreams:

This is a great video, Randy Pausch encourage us to live with our dreams and inspirations. I like the fact that he encourages us to create ideas and uses technologies in the classrooms more often. Randy Pausch is a great motivation in every children dreams as well as teachers, he believes in childrens’ dreams and their creativities according to his lecture called “Chasing Your Childhood Dreams”. He also mentions that as teachers we should try to help children meet their potential and reach to their goals. As educators we should help our students succeed and live their dreams and never stop believing it not come true. Reach for the goals and do not let anything interfere.

He discusses “head fakes” referring to indirect learning uses to teach children without them knowing it. Since children tends to participate at things like playing video games which is a great way to educate them. Pausch uses this method to help our children to think effectively and give out life lessons to his children. He also encourages teachers to challenge their students and said that to never give up on their children but inspire them. He passed away in 2008 of pancreatic cancer but his passion will live on and be remembered.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

PLN Post

this is my PLN post

I really enjoy using PLN; it helps me organizing my sites in one place and saved me a lot of time. I did not know how much to do in Google search, I never knew of Gmail and how it have document and presentation. Google is very beneficial to me because I can create presentations without buying PowerPoint software and it save my data right after I updated, which is great because just in case my computer shuts down I don’t have to worry about losing my information. Also, I can joint it with my Facebook, Twitter, Blog, and I can schedule my plans for every week. I like the fact that it is so convenience and most of the time I can just log in my Google account and open it up instead of carrying my laptop or jump drive around.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

C4T #2

this is my comment for teacher #2

This is very informing to me. I have never heard of "everloop" before and it sounds very interesting. I like the fact that this site provided the security purposes and it have so many activities. As you quoted "Everloop will be the platform kids groups use to actively promote, entertain, and inform. Loaded with educational resources, entertainment opportunities, and apps, we’ll foster content sharing, innovation, and entrepreneurial development. All within a private loop." I think this is a great opportunity for children to interact with one another in a efficient way and educated by using this rather children go online to play games and random stuff which doesn't benefit them.
DoInk: I have never heard or use this site before but this is a a great site for children. We can do simple & friendly vector editor
create flash-style animations use community art & your own post to YouTube and Facebook download your art. I have two younger sisters and they love it! This site provide the creativity for children worldwide especially if there's nothing for them to do. It's fun and creative!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Blog Post #6

The Networked Student: Wendy Drexler
In this video, I found it very formative and creative. This video shows that when teachers decides to let their students to use internet resources, which will affect their learning more efficient. Future educators need to help students learn through technology, also exceed students learning skills. I like the idea of technology because there are so many things we can use to help improve learning styles for students as well as teaching styles for educators. For example, in this EDM class we learn how to create blogs and read other people blogs to understand and gather more information most people are not aware of. Technology is a wonderful resource but I also think that teacher to student’s classroom is completely required. Why? Because many students are not in the same paste as others therefore, teachers need to be in classroom to physically lecture the lesson. Some students have different ways of learning and memorizing that is the reason why having teachers in classroom is also a great resource to have as well. I understand that technology changes every day and everybody need to be updated regarding to the changes, but there are many people still disagree with the fact that we should completely depending on technology. We need to emphasize what exactly our students need and how can we do to help improve their education. I solely believe that teaching in class with a little of technology is great but if we were to completely depending on technology, I disagree.

A 7th Graders PLE:
This is amazing! This is my first time hear of PLNS in this video. These seventh grader students present a social bookmarking which links to their class website. In this video, the students providing information like videos and articles that could help them with school assignments. The teachers would provide assignments that are due on certain days and the students have to complete their own assignments on time. This reminds me of my EDM310 class, I basically does the same exact things like the students in this class. I think this is a wonderful course because this will promote students to learn at their own pastes and also have responsibility to complete their assignments. If you would like to see this video, you can find it at

this is my blog post #6

Is Smart Boards beneficial?
Smart boards are wonderful tools to use to lecture lessons in classrooms. It provide useful sources, like teachers can just tap a button in front of the class and it would allow speaking out. I really like this equipment because I go to my field experience every week and we would use it to motivate students to learn! Especially kindergarten students in my classroom, I noticed that they love the smart board because in all of the activities we do in class this is the most effective tool which would draws students attention to participate. Smart boards are very impressive due to the fact that it has so many features as motivators to help our students participate. Although, this is a great resource for the school to use however it could be very expensive. Many schools still don’t have this kind of technology in every classroom yet. But I think this would be very beneficial for every students, it helps motivate students to participate and pay more attention to the lesson. I found this video on YouTube which explain how it is easy to use and helpful for educators to use. If you would like to see this video, click here

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Summary Post C4K1,2,3

this is my summary post comment for kids

I was assigned to Mr. L 5th grade class but the site is not working so I commented twice on Lee’s page. Lee is a student at Pt. England School in Auckland, NZ. On the first comment, Lee was concerning about netbook. He said that its fun but you have to keep up with plugging in the battery.

The second comment I made was also on Lee’s post. This post he wrote a descriptive about Cinderella, Lee said that the prince was so charming and he met Cinderella whom is a beautiful girl. You can find his blog at,

On the third comment, Dillon is student in Mr. Somerville class from Pt. England School in Auckland, NZ. In his post he informed people that there was an earthquake that kills many people and have many injured. Before reading his post, I didn’t realize there was an earthquake existed. I think this is a great post and very informing to me. Here is the url to his blog,

Blog Assignment #5

Eagles' Nest Radio & Class Blog
this is my blog post assignment #5

To be honest, I’m not a big fan of a radio stations especially when it comes to children podcasting. However, I subscribe to some podcasts though and these kids on Eagles’ Nest Radio have proved me wrong.
When listening to a radio station it’s hard to understand what a person talk about especially when you have no knowledge of the topics. That is the reason I think the person who making the podcast should verify and explain in details so the listeners know what you talk about so they weren’t be bored listening to the podcast or in most cases, change to another radio stations. Another thing I learned in this podcast is that, these kids are completely into their topics and they trying to making it fun to listen to. Like I mentioned earlier, when podcasting you don’t want to make it not comprehensible and make sure you draw attentions to the listeners.
this is a blog post #5

The Benefits of Podcasting in the Classroom
Joe Dale

Recording lessons and lectures and post it online so the students can view is a wonderful idea. I think it’s great for the children to make their own podcasts and use it as a learning technique. Here is a list of how Dale uses to make the podcast effective:

• an effective way of interacting with students outside of the classroom
• a form of learning students of today are familiar with and therefore makes it relevant to them
• it allows for differentiation and project based learning
• students can access the higher order thinking skills in Bloom's taxonomy
• it promotes creativity and innovation
• it can offer distance learning opportunities for absent students
• the process of creating and uploading audio files is easy
• students can record role plays in character making their learning more memorable
• parents can see and hear what their children are doing at school

Education Podcasting Network
This is a website that has podcasts from many educators which provide ideas and offer for the students. I really think this is a wonderful website because it has many topics of podcasts about different subjects and not only that it was organized by the grade level so it’s easy for educators to navigate the website and search for what they need.

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Blog Assignment 4

blog assignment #4

Don't Teach Your Kids This Stuff. Please? By Scott McLeod

I really enjoyed reading this article. I thought it was well said and put together. This video was informing us that children are getting more involved with technology so quick now and it could lead to a bigger problem. For example, whenever I sit in front of the computer for so long doing my homework, I get headache and my vision is getting blurry when I look up. So, I think the main reason why I’m feeling that way is because I just sit still for so long and focus at one particular area and it causes me to feel dizzy afterward. Therefore, children need to do things outside of the house and stop sitting in front of the “computer” all the time! They need to be active and enjoy their childhood times while they can.
Dr Scott McLeod is one of the nation’s leading academic professional on K-12 school technology. He is also the director of the UCEA center for the Advanced Study of Technology Leadership in Education. He points out some of the mistakes people tend to do when they are using technology. Many people think that children taking advantage of technology, for instance kids often use internet or technology for inappropriate purposes. I think it is portion true regarding to that issue but we cannot blame on technology itself. You can learn more information about Dr. McLeod is available at his blog. More information about CASTLE is available at

The iSchool Initiative
This is a video suggesting his student using Apple products. The reason Travis referring to this is because he wants to improve his school with technologies like apple products. I see his point that iTouch provides the faster and more efficient when they need to send a files or receiving emails with the assignments attached. Now with the click of a button, people can do most of their errands online. However, this video leaves me thinking, how can every student be able to afford an iTouch which costs at least $200? I must say that it’s quite convincing that Travis trying to make things a little easy for the students but as the result I don’t think all students can afford it. If the school system would have made this a requirement, this would make those of the students who don’t have this iTouch would fall behind and fail the course? Although, I am a little concern regarding to this technology uses, but Travis did point out a good point for those students who can afford an iTouch.
The Lost Generation

This YouTube video is very well put together. I really like the fact how the speaker reading the texts backwards of the statements regarding to our current society. Many people think that their job is more important than their family while other people think family is more important. If you see the video you will see what’s exactly what I’m trying to say. Here is the link to it.
Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir
In this video, there’s a choir of 180 people from 12 different countries performing this song called “Lux Aurumque”. After listening to it, I thought it’s just amazing how they could do something like this. The video is unique because this choir does not perform at the same place. They all sing it at different places. Not only that, it was put together very organize. Thanks to the technology that bring this to me and you whoever is watching this video. This proves us that technology can make a big difference, especially for people who can’t travel and with the wonderful technology; people can join one another and be created. It can be found at

Teaching in the 21st Century
In this video, the author asking how the teaching technique is different now compare to the old days. Many teachers still uses the old styles, such as, chalkboards, pens, papers, and homework assignments. Also, the author said that with the old ways, it takes so much longer to find the answer to the question. Everything is book base. Like, looking up the books can take hours and hours to find the answer. Therefore, the author trying to point out some facts that we all need to use technology because it’s fast a convenience. Nowadays, with a click of a button you can receive up to thousands of things instantly! And with this type of technology we have now, we can find out facts and certain information very quick and simple. My reaction to this video is right…but no! Because we cannot teach children to just learn facts and information they need to know. We need to show them how and why. If we would have just let the children or even adults’ uses the technology to give us the facts then why would anyone care about going to school they can just stay at home and look up what they need to know. I think the 21st century teaching is wonderful with technology but we also need to connect the old ways and new ways together to provide a better helpful ways to educate our children.

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Blog Post #3

blog post #3

A vision of student's today: Michael Wesch
This video informs us informes us that most of the college students are not studying the way they should. For example, this video states that most students don't study like they should because they either work too many hours or they spent too much time on Facebook or Twitter. The creator wants to inform us that we should no longer use chalkboards because there are so many efficient ways to get information across. For example, teachers can use the PowerPoint or projectors and students can use their laptops to write down notes materials. This is a great way to cut the time on teaching the lessons when there’s not much time in each course. Also, technology is a great tool for students and teachers to communicate with one another. As a college student, I think it helps me learn more quickly since I am not the most patient person on earth. I can just click and save and open the file to read my lessons.
“It’s Not About the Technology”- In this post, Kelly Hines states that teachers need to use technology properly and stop misusing it. She said that, often many teachers don’t really know how to use technology. So, in this post Kelly Hines explains to us how teachers and educators can use it efficiently. The first thing she said in her post was that teachers must learn new techniques to improve their classroom. Second, teachers need to find a new approach to teach when their old ways are not working. Third, teachers need to learn how to use technology the right way. Fourth, teachers need to understand how to use technology and also teach the students creativity and studying skills. I really like her post because she has mentioned some good points. We don’t need just technology to teach children. Some kids prefer personal interactions rather than just staring at the computer the entire time. We are not robots! Therefore, teachers and students need to do activities outside of technology, as well.
“Is It Okay To Be A Technologically Illiterate Teacher?”- In this article, the author states that technology is a extremely important tool, therefore teachers need to learn how to use it. I don’t think it’s ok to be technologically illiterate teacher, but every teacher is different. Just like students, we don’t learn the same ways and we don’t progress the same as others. Some teachers might love to use technology while others don’t. I could understand why a teacher would be technologically illiterate because some teachers don’t know how to use everything regarding to technology. For example, if I became a teacher now, in thirty years later there will be plenty of new technology that comes out. How can I ever catch up with all the latest technology? Never! I can learn as much as I can, but I will probably not be able to learn all of it. So, it is impossible to learn every little tool that is included in the category of “technology”.
Gary Hayes' Social Media Counts:
This is very informative. It informed us that technology had made a huge impact on our society. The social networks are getting bigger and bigger due to many fans who love the advantages that these networks offer. Schools and workplaces now use it for information, advertising and communication. For example, school systems use it to communicate with other schools and also teachers are using the social networks to keep track with one another. That way if there is any problem they can just use twitter like in my EDM310 class. We use it to ask questions if we are not sure of something and all we got to do is “tweet”. This way, somebody will answer to your questions within minutes!

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Project #3 C4T#1

Summary: In the teacher's blog, I have learned from author Miguel Guhlin that technology is so important and teachers need to informed and learn more about technologies. He said that quoted "yet many administrators continue to
place technology in teachers' classrooms without considering the
consequences of their actions. So what if parents walk by and see a
computer in the classroom--if their children aren't using it, and the dust
is an inch thick, the response is even more negative. And, in failing to
consider teachers' need for staff development, ongoing support,
administrators doom their campus to subsistence technology existence." Which I am completely agree with the author, why don't we use the resources that we have to have improve the students and educators? It's amazing how we as the school systems have the ability to use these kind of technology; like, computers which we can use it for power-point lectures which make things so much more easier for everybody to use. Also, the author mentioned that, teachers need to learn about technology so that they can help expand knowledge for their students. Not only the traditional way that teachers need to learn and teach their students but learning more about new technology is always good to have. This article is excellent! I love the ways the author pointed out some of the important facts that every educators need. With technology, we can do almost everything! =)
Project #3 and comment for teacher #1

Teacher Bog #2:
Mr. MGuhlin was informing us that the management company just have a contract with Utah and they will provide "software platform available for free under an open-source license". Which I think it's great because we can use it and not having to buy the programs and costs us! Also, he informed us that there was a video of the ad showing us how Apple computer became famous.

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Blog Assignment 2

a group of words about me

Blog Assignment #2
Did you know?”- This video clip on had some good facts regarding to the modern world from many years ago. This video shows that technology has increase traumatically. This video also informed that, Americans tends to think that our country is not advanced compared to other countries.
New technology has become increasingly more advanced every day. In this video it points out that we need to keep update with the new information being out there because learning is an ongoing process and we can’t just use it and forget about it.
To me it’s important that we learn the updated information to know as many things as possible. However, it seems to be impossible to learn new technology
“Mr. Winkle Wakes”- This video features a special appearance from a familiar figure from American folklore named Rip Van Winkle. It based on the premise that Mr. Winkle has been asleep for a hundred years and has now woken up to find the world completely different and frightening. He afraid of the use of technology because he is not familiar with it or he don’t know how to use it and he didn’t want to learn either. When Mr. Winkle travels to the modern school, he seems to like it better because everything maintained the same way. This video shows the importance of how we need to learn how to use technology and understand that it will benefit everyone who uses it.
“The Importance of Creativity”-
This video features a speech given by Sir Ken Robinson who focuses on the problems with our current school system. He believed that the biggest problem with schools today is that we didn’t let our children to have be creative because the school systems making the kids learn courses such as math, science, history, and English.
I agree with Robinson because everyone have their own talent and gift that are more valued by different society. As teachers we need to encourage our children to pursue what their interests are so we can teach them in a better with the required courses.
Scholastic Kids Blog: Can U.S. kids compete?
This video covered an interview regarding to the article which was written by a girl named Cecilia Gault. This article informed about many European countries such as, Finland which have very high test and lower dropout rates than US.
This article suggested that we need more and more technology in classrooms and schools in order for our children to become more advanced. I completely agree, because there are schools with lack of resources will not be able to catch up with other kids from kids from school with lots of resources. I think technology is a big part in our life. Hopefully in future every school should have all source of the technology that will help teachers improved their children and create more fun activities for our children in the future.
Harness Your Student’s Digital Smarts
This video is about a high school technology classroom which basically is trying to informing the students how to use different kinds of technology. The students were taught how touse programs such as, google documents and blogging. This is an amazing course because it contains materials that students will need in the future. I like the fact that this teacher is getting the students ahead and help them have a basic understanding of the resources they can use to help them in the future.

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Blog Assignment 1

this is a picture of me
Hello everyone! My name is Hoan Nguyen. I was born in Vietnam and my family moved to US since I was 7 years old. The first state we moved to was Salt Lake City Utah, second was Georgia, and lastly here in Mobile Alabama. Yes! my family did a lot of traveling and Mobile is where we stay longer than any other states.
The reason I choose to attend USA was because it's closer to home and I like to be with my family.
I'm majoring in elementary education. I chose this field was because I love children and I have a huge inspiration in teaching and my goal is to make sure the kids have a good foundation when they leave elementary school. Oh! another reason is because my mother named after a teacher and its one one the cool thing about it.
My hobbies are shopping, traveling, movies, art, spend time with friends and family. oh yea and love ice skating!